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Anthuriums are exotic flowers which enhances beauty & surrondings. Mody Exotica cultivates over 21 varieties of Cut Anthuriums, 9 varieties of Pot Anthuriums and 5 varieties of Potted Anthurium Plants and 3 varieties of Orchids Dendrobium Plants too using the latest equipment and technology. Our flowers can hold workshops for the Hotel Industry, House Keeping Firms and other Corporates.

Orchids and Anthuriums are among the most popular tropical flowers gifted with a long vase life. The bright colors of these two flowers add to their credentials. This admiringly beautiful Orchids and Anthuriums Bouquet would certainly be the most ideal gift for any occasion of celebration where a little color is needed. You can also send this Orchids and Anthuriums Vase arrangements as a gifts to Friends, Relatives, colleagues etc.

Enjoy the beauty of a tropical orchid & Anthuriums year-round without the hassle of maintenance.


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